Search Engine Funnies was a technology gag strip I did with Jamie Noguchi, with Thor Thorvaldson Jr., occasothers, which fell apart in a sort of beautiful fashion when Jamie, Thor and a new artist waiting in the wings all got high-paying, time-consuming job opportunities on the same day. I cobbled together a few strips

This is a sampling of the strips to which I think time has been kindest. You don't need to know too much about the headlines at the time, because as it turns out, the search space of today is a lot less different from 2005 than 2005 was from 1995. Yahoo is still sort of a big joke, the AOL-Time Warner merger is still regrettable, Microsoft is maybe a little less skeezy but still no saint, and Google still rules the space with a colorful plastic fist. Still, I'll put a few notes under these where appropriate.

Stephanie Rosenbloom wrote this fun piece about an out-of-date photo of her old bohemian self, making the rounds on Google Images.

Yes, I really did this (minus the cartoon characters). I do regret the use of ethnic figures here, but the guard is fairly true to life, and in 2005, it was more likely then that a brown man in those greens would be recognized as representing a member of the Taliban, not just any man of Middle Eastern or Asian descent.

Yes, this really happened (minus the cartoon character).

Freemium models have changed a lot since 2005, but Yahoo was an early pioneer, offering a joint subscription to seven newspapers for $79 a year, which seemed like an exorbitant price at the time. These days, you probably pay more than that for Netflix.

Microsoft itself paid for and aired an advertisement deriding the users of last year's Microsoft product as dinosaurs. Feel like they sort of played themselves with that one.